The Walking Dead: Season 5

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

Episode 9: “Don’t think. Just eat”. A slow episode that finally addresses both physical and mental tolls that a the life of the walking dead can take. From hunger, to anger, and sadness, and replete with lethargy, the limitations of a real human being are finally addressed; emotionally and physically. The crew grows pessimistic, but manages to hold on to hope by a thin thread. As always though, there are some surprises.

Episode 10: The moment I finally realized that the writers intentionally inject specific statements to misrepresent the the plot of the next episode. Slow episode where nothing really happened only built to portray Rick’s lacks of ability to trust anyone else in this world. Alluding to something or just paranoid? That is the question.

Episode 11: I’m beginning to wonder who the bad guys are.

Episode 12: A very well directed episode that manages to make Alexandria feel too safe, even for the audience. The new conditions, and scenes we would not traditionally expect from the walking dead make you let your guard down, only to bring you closer to the characters in the show and make you feel as though the ambience safety is artificial.

Episode 14: Another great episode from the series in a suprisingly great season. We see that no matter how strong you’ve become, killing other people is never easy. While I also do love our main heroes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between who the good and bad guys are.

Episode 15: Eugene has brilliant ideas and grows as a character. Carol can’t handle what she’s has to do and left, but I expect her to come back. Sasha and Abraham are finally getting it on. Daryl has grown from a badass to a super badass. The writing, character growth and plot twists are absolutely amazing.

One thing I love about this show is that, weirdly, a show. Zombie movies can only go into so much depth and show so much story. The transformation of the main team, the members themselves and the members its composed of, was very gradual and natural. Seeing someone go from a normal world to a killer in 2 hours would seem unbelievable, but I was able to experience every single step that these characters had to endure. I am no longer sure whether they’re good or bad, righteous or evil, but I know that they’ve always had to do what they need to survive. They care about each other, and that shows compassion. They kill others out of their love for each other, as much as they might hate it. I feel like I’ve made a bond with them and am part of their family.

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