For All Mankind: Season 3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Another amazing season for all mankind, and again, they keep raising their own bar.

The directories have an ability to create a suspenseful plot over 10 episodes but really end everything with a bang.I thought the ending of Season 2 was crazy, but the team literally went all out with season 3. Even though it’s nearly impossible to match the emotion and attachment of the scene where Gordo and Tracy reunite ran across the moon’s surface, the number of “bams” here was even bigger.

  • A North Korean individual was randomly discovered to be the first person on Mars
  • The fact that North Korea sent people on a suicide mission speaks for itself
  • The US had its first female president, and she became openly gay while sitting as president
  • The NASA headquarters were bombed
  • CEO of Helious gets overturned
  • Karen became CEO of helious and died shortly after in the NASA bombing
  • Ed literally propelled his preganant daughter of the top of a small rocket into space orbit
  • Ed went on a suicide mission and almost died saving his daughter
  • Danny was exiled to a different part of Mars to just live on his own
  • Margo Maddison was being investigated and ends up in exile Russia
  • Margo’s russian boyfriend ends up in the US

The craziest thing is that all of this seems kind of reasonable.

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