For All Mankind: Season 2

Rating: ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

When I started watching the first season, I never thought Iā€™d be so emotional by the end of the second season.

Gordo and Tracy saving all of mankind is one of my all-time favorite TV scenes. A few other similar moments that come to mind include when Jamie Lannister’s hand was cut off in game of thrones, or when dexter found his wife dead in a bathtub at the end of Season 3. While all of those were shocking, this one was just so emotional and beautiful.

For two seasons, everyone was alluding to the star crossed lovers, and there couldn’t have been a more epic ending to their journey.

Aside from Gordo and Tracy, which is hard to compare, the show does an amazing job at theorizing this parallel universe. The timelines of how the space race would have evolved, the risks of nuclear warfare, the sabotage and espionage, it all feels like it was based on a true story.

As someone who grew up surrounded by Russian culture, I have to admit they do a good job at capturing the different types of Russian personalities. There are the engineers, the academics, the good ones, the scary ones, the evil ones, the ones that follow orders, the ones the want to defect, and so many more. The show gets it all perfectly.

The first season was good but the second one was fantastic, and I can’t wait to keep watching!

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