Big Mouth: Season 3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

EDIT: Big Mouth started as a “turn off my brain” show before going to bed, but it has slowly morphed into one that breaks all 4th wall boundaries with original and impressive writing. The last two episodes of the third seasons (the misogynistic play, the sexual tension, big dick boy jokes, the middle school superhero episode, coach Steve’s makeover) were absolutely amazing and reminded me of the early days of Community.

I used to like this show as a way to turn my brain off before going to bed but now I LOVE this show.

The writers took it to the next level realizing they can easily suspend the audience’s disbelief. They’ve taken complete advantage of breaking the third barrier and the musical acts are of broadway level quality.

Lastly, and they’re treading a really fine sexual line where the show is pretty much R rated, but still appeals to younger audience since it’s a cartoon. They’re being very clever and it’s awesome.

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