No Hard Feelings

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

No hard feelings really knows how to hit your feelings hard.

As a single 31 year old male that would like to have a family one day, I felt everything that Maddie never said. The fact that Maddie was played by Jennifer Lawrence, someone whose charisma, beauty, and talent I’ve admired for years, made it all the more real. In addition, having grown up as a nerdy late bloomer in school, I was able to relate with Percy just the same, though through a more nostalgic lens.

Throughout the film, I laughed, cried, while feeling inspired and depressed at different times. I could tell the actors were pushed outside their comfort zones, and so was I from the comfort of my own home.

I’d struggle to make the case that it’s a timeless classis, but it was exactly what I needed to watch right now. It’s a coming of age for the 19-something late bloomer, and a maturing of age for the 30-something. I was the former, and am the latter. The important thing is to keep having fun, always keep going, and reminding oneself that it’ll all work out sooner or later.

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