The Walking Dead: Season 7

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Episode 1 ????? Holy shit. Wow. Fuck. What the hell. Omg. Umm. Speechless.

It?s a little bit saddening to say that the best episode of the series is the one where key characters die, but making a decision like this is difficult for the directors, writers, actors and everyone else involved. The acting was amazing. Every pease of dialogue served purpose. The smirk on Nigan?s face was priceless and just so appropriately perfect. The flashbacks, the music, the lighting, the crying, the splatter. This episode simply blew my mind and opened my eyes, no pun intended.

Episode 2 ????? While this episode definitely can?t top the previous one, it was nonetheless amazing. The mood the walking dead adapted over the last couple season has been a game changer and reinvigorated my interested in the show.

After the prison I was really curious where the show was going. You can only do the whole ?settle down, get attacked, lose your city, move on? thing so many times and it started getting old. Playing sim city is also not the exact reason why I watch the show. I?m really impressed but the new world the writers have created, and the concept of Negan as a whole. I?m curious to see where it goes.

If the first two episodes are at all a signal of how the rest of the season will pan out, there are a lot of exciting things ahead!

Episode 3 ????- The great thing is the balance the team creating the show has found between separating their lead characters, following multiple story lines, but maintaining a sense of cohesiveness. I know that all the story lines will converge together at some point, but simultaneously I feel like I?m getting a flavor of many different elements of the world they?re living in.

Episode 4 ????? After so many seasons, this is the first time the show has manage to build up some real tension.

Having developed such a close relationship with the characters, I almost want to cry out and help rick. I want to support him and tell him everything will be okay. I want to tell him that I have faith. I just want him to beat Negan with Luccille. However, I?m afraid of Negan. I?m afraid he?ll kill me if I do anything. Even worse, I?m afraid he might have me start chopping off my friend?s body parts, and then eat them or something.??Years of watching this show has set me up to be all the more engaged in what is otherwise just plain dialogue. If this were the first show anyone watched, they would think that it?s plain and boring. The zombies are weak and posing no threat. The lead characters are abiding and don?t take action. However, it is the relationship that the writers had us built with Rick that makes it so powerful. The whole episode, I continuously felt frustrated, heartbroken and powerful. I didn?t know what to do other than simply concede.

I really really hope they?ll find a way out of this one because I feel like crawling into a corner and crying as I watch every episode.

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A somewhat slower episode relative to what’s been happening before, but I’m glad to take a little beat of a breather. This episode was setting things up for a very climactic meeting with Negan in the near future that I simply cannot wait for. In the meantime, Maggie’s leadership skills are shining and foreshadowing her potentially coming into power at some point. How awesome would that be?

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Well, not every one is a winner… Tara is just a character I don’t really care about and I don’t think the actor is that great either. She tries to be this young, free, easygoing gay chick, but I get absolutely no sense of what she tries to achieve. This episode was meant to show her losing a friend, keeping a secret, going on an adventure on her own for the very first time. It felt awkward, cringy and very forced throughout. Probably one of my least favorite episodes of The Walking Dead in a very long time.

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This episode is all about Negan. He’s a brilliant character and probably the scariest villan The Walking Dead has had so far. He is the most powerful, the most unexpected and is able to create this false sense of security that he shatters within moment. In other words, he’s a psychopath. I also have to give credit to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, because he seems to be the perfect fit for the role and puts up a flawless performance. On a different note, I really want to know what will happen to Rick and Carl!

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To be completely honest, Negan is pretty reasonable in his own way. He didn’t kill Carl or Rosita, he follows through with what he says, and he makes sure everything is in tact. He is quite crazy, but reasonable in his own way as well. It’s his way or the highway, but his way is very well defined. That being said, I can’t wait for him to die and see what the Saviors will do when they no longer have a leader. As cheesy as the last scene was, I loved it because I really do feel like I’m part of the family. Great mid season finale :)

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I’m so excited to see this show back again! All I can think about now is how Rick is going to take on the saviours, and there are lots of very interesting alternatives that are coming up!

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The bits of action were short but very impactful. While there isn’t much character development, this episode brought along a large change in attitude in a fair portion of the cast. Things are moving slowly, but are coming together. I can’t wait for the great finale.

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Loved this episode! A full episode of just Eugene being smarty pants. I love his transformation, and simply enjoy listening to him talk as I sit on the roller coaster of emotions from fear, to cowardliness, to greed and power. He is one of the most unpredictable characters on the show in my opinion and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

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A whole episode of just love, hope, fear and fighting. Not much to say but it was beautiful in it’s own way.

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I was really looking forward to seeing what that kid could make out of himself, so I’m sad to his him go. That being said, Morgan and Carol are finally back on the boat. The final battle can’t come soon enough!

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This was another great episode covering how another set of characters has developed in recent past. That being said, regardless of how good the storyline is, all TWWD fans are waiting for one thing: the final battle!

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Solid overall season. While the second half was not as exciting as the first, a lot has happened. We’re no longer just stuck in the prison, but the world is actually changing. Alliances are forming, leaders are disappearing, new leaders are forming and a war is on the brink. Main characters died, others took a hundred and eighty degree turn in their personalities, and what I’d expect out of a post-apocalyptic world really did happen. The turn of events in the season finale really took me by surprise and am really impressed by it.

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