The Crowded Room: Season 1

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Absolutely incredible. Nothing short of of an oscar winning performance by Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried. This series is what turned me from seeing Tom as a charismatic individual, great actor, good looking guy, to a true artist, a method actor, and one of the best in his field.

I did not read about the background of what this show was based on, so I’m sure some moments are over dramatized. However, the (both metaphorical and physical) “Crowded Room” along with the acting by the lead and supporting characters is absolutely out of this world.

The first few episodes lead you to believe that the Danny is a normal kid with a few issues in tough circumstances. However, as you realize that one, and eventually more, of the people in his life art his alts, your mind is blown. The way Tom Holland switches from one alt to another, whether it’s in the same scene or different is incredible. There were moments where I had to remind myself that he is acting!

There were so many memorable scenes, but a few that really stood out to me, imprinting mental images in my mind include:

  • Identify John as a “special drawing” amongst all the others. The show tricked you into thinking he only had one alt ;)
  • Danny acting as Aria in the night club. It really did feel like he embraced the actor that played her, and I couldn’t tell the difference. Again, I couldn’t believe this was acting.
  • The way Danny brought back Aria in the jail sell. He just turns it on and off like a switch. It’s incredible.
  • Danny turning on his “Chutzpah” as he embraced the character of Itzhak and yelled at his stepdad.
  • There are no words to describe the scenes related to Danny being abused as a child, with Adam as his alt.

The entire cast was incredible and supported Tom Holland in his performance. However, Tom had to take on each individual character, as well as the actor’s representation of those characters, and I’d be amazed if he does not end up winning multiple awards for it.

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