The 100: Season 3

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The long awaited return of the 100 was a success! My roommates and I originally started watching this show because the premise was enticing. We quickly realised that it’s just a cheesy teen drama with a bunch of really good looking people. However, we kept watching it out of sheer amusement and were impressed some of the plot twists and the transformations some of the characters had undergone.

With the first episode of season 3, the show is on point! It was the cheesy show we all over but revamped with characters who have transformed and found their new place. Jasper can’t get over his girlfriend and has become a gloomy psycho. Bellamy has a lot of new and interested responsibilities. Octavia and her boyfriend are what one would call “complicated”. Most importantly, our hero Clarke is crazier and wilder than ever. Adventurous and sexy, she is probably what draws such a large audience to this show.

Most importantly, there are several different interest plot lines happening simultaneously, and I’m curious to see how they will expand and then converge. In particular, I am very interested to learn more about Jaha and the city of light.

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It’s more of the same thing as Episode 1, which is exactly what I was hoping and anticipating!

I’m quite impressed by how many plot lines, characters, and story development the writers have been packing in recently; it never feels like a dull moment on the 100.

The Sky Crew find their other half, where Monty reunites with his mom and learns their story. Clark has been brought back to the beautiful, lovely, yet betraying queen of the Tree Crew. Jasper still can’t get over Maya, and I have no crew where the city of lights plotline is moving.

There aren’t a lot of shows that get more and more exciting with every episode, but somehow the 100 did it.

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This season is still not slowing down!

Some characters are deceiving, others are straight out lying, and our beloved Clark can’t keep her emotions or mindset stable for longer than 5 minutes.

Almost all of the residents of the second half of the arch were blown away along with mount weather. Sky crew joined tree crew as a clan in their tribe, and the ice nation declared war.

I’m amazed at the high pace that all the content is coming, as this is quickly turning into one of my favorite shows.

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Jasper and Monti discuss what they’ve gone through, the commander of the thirteen colonies proves that she deserves her seat, skycrew is planning to defy their alliance, and Clark is just being her usual self.

An entertaining episode with a very Game of Thrones like feel. I feel that the actors who were once just cheesy, have really grown, turning this into a serious post-apocaliptic show.

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I’m continually impressed by how much this show, and the characters in it have grown since the first episode. It is no longer a cliche teen drama, it is an original futuristic post-apocalyptic story of love, hate, war, peace and passion with a very intricate backstory that has been slowly unfolding. It is beginning to remind of Fringe. Fringe originally had CSI type episodes where every episode had a start, a mystery, a resolution, an end and closure. Eventually however, Fringe turned into something much more complex and beautiful where the final season was one of the best seasons in sci-fi television. While The 100 is still not close to that on many standards, I’m beginning to feel that path that lies ahead will be very interesting.

I love that this episode gave us a backstory on the AI. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.

Episodes 6 - 8: Seems like rotten tomatoes didn’t save my reviews of these episodes…

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I’ll be honest, my roommate and I went on a bit of a spree and watch two episodes two days in a row. All I have to say is WOW! No longer are we just watching a group of kids (who were selected not only for their talents but also their looks), but we are watching a story unfold. It is a battle of survival, betrayal, protection, history, religion, and the future of human kind rests on the shoulders of a group of individuals who not too long ago knew of nothing but a ship in space.

Each of the four episodes had a different tone to it, but overall, the show got a lot more scary, thrilling, bloody and real. The 100 seems to have taken a couple lessons from Game of Thrones and realized that primary characters/individuals do die in war, and it brings a real sense of realism when a TV show is not afraid of killing them as well. Some notable names: Lexa, Lincoln, Sinclair, the Flamekeeper and all the kids who were also candidates for being the new commander. Speaking of lessons from GoT, I did not expect the current (fake) commander to gorge out the eyeballs of the man who was questioning her lead; it really took me by surprise.

These four episodes have moved very fast. Pike went from leading all of Skicrew to being handed over to the grounders. The rest of the ark has been taken over by A.L.I.E. We’re finally learning the purpose of the AI and the backstory to how the world ended and how it was meant to be saved. The last member of Mount Weather came in, nearly killed everyone, and then taken care of by our heroic Clarke. Murphy is becoming increasingly appealing as I’m beginning to appreciate how slick and smart he really is. He really has been defining his own path, and literally has no one on his side. He is a lone wolf who is maturing and will be worth fearing.

Without getting into more details, I can only say that the show has grown a lot. The directors, writers and actors who make this show have come a long way since the first episode of the first season, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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At this point I’m not sure how dark this show can get. I can’t believe Kane was crucified but did expect that he’d be forced into taking one of the chips. Not really loving the conflict between Octavia and Bellamie, but do understand that it’s not something they can simply downplay and forget. I am really excited that we have finally met Luna, who lives on an oil platform somewhere in the ocean!

As much as I do love flashbacks, the one in this episode had a hard time mixing in with the theme of the episode. There were some connections, but did feel a little forced given the context of the events happening. For example: Octactiva is making a fire, so we “must” have a flashback to show how Pike taught her to make a fire. A little too cliche for my flavor.

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A few things stood out in this episode.

Firstly, luna is a badass. We will definitely be seeing her again and I’m curious what other skills she has up her sleeves.

Secondly, Raven is a boss. The tech terminology they use in the show is kind of impressive given that I thought they’d put zero effort into it. I love seeing her and monty trying to hack into A.L.I.E using backdoors and seeing what’ll happen.

Thirdly, good job Monty! So glad my boy is getting some.

Fourthly, I think I finally figured out how A.L.I.E works. The first version of the AI is able to do a full scan of an individual’s neurological state after they take the chip. This essentially captures an individuals thoughts, memories, characteristics and identity. Therefore, even after the individual dies, everything they are keeps living in the city of light in the digital form for eternity; or at least until ALIE is destroyed.

Lastly, I absolutely loved the last scene where everyone looked at Clarke when they were looking to someone to decide what to do next. This shows that even though Clarke let them down on multiple occasions, they still look to her for guidance and leadership when times are desperate.

Episode 15 —————— Everyone is dying. Literally, everyone is dying.

I’m unsure whether these are budget cuts or if the writers are simply trying to set a ‘realistic’ post-apocalyptic scene. Regardless, it’s exciting and invigorating and I can’t wait to keep watching.

There was a very quick and organic transition from the battle between the various clans (tree crew, sky crew, ice nation, etc…) to everyone verses A.L.I.E. I’m impressed by how slow and natural this felt, and does feel real all things provided.

My only guess as to what can happen next is that Luna will appear out of nowhere, take the chip for the new A.I., and we will somehow save the day. There will be more casualties along the way, and we may lose some big characters, but it’s hard to predict the details.

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It’s difficult to write a thrilling, entertaining, partially unexpected ending that’s completely satisfying but still leaves the potential for more. That being said, season 3 of the 100 did it.

The final episode was action packed, forcing all the characters to really show their true colors and make difficult decisions. The ending, in my opinion, was the best move they could have made. It wasn’t a sappy / cheesy and happy ending, but nor did everything go to shit. It was the perfect balance of reality fiction that’s not making me itch for more but still look forward to the next season.

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