Succession: Season 4

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s hard to believe the show is over, but the entire crew ended it at just the right time with a “great capitulation”. The entire show and cast shows the complexity and balance between love, self-interest and human nature. The writing is phenomenal.

I’ve been watching a few interviews with the main cast, and it’s amazing how much the personalities of the characters playing Shiv, Roy and Ken really embody their characters.

Ken - The final scene is unique. It’s hard to believe what his character must’ve felt given how things ended. You have to watch it to understand it. It’s a sign of complex love between a man and his ambition.

Roman - Watching him break down and cry when their father was gone was heart-wrenching but I’m glad it happened. It’s a sign of complex love between a father and son.

Shiv - The relationship between her and Tom is so complex, but I think it’s real. The cold hand hold at the end was a “nice touch”. It’s a sign of complex love between career-driven self-interested husband and wife.

Tom - I’m genuinely happy for how things ended for him. He was the only one who really tried to help, show compassion, work hard, be loyal, serve, try and be a good husband, father, friend and executive. He’s not perfect, because no one deserves it as much as him.

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