Succession: Season 2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The first season was fantastic, and the second was was no less. The only difference is the relationship I, as the viewer, have built with all the characters making it so mich more engaging.

Though it would be far-fetched to say that this show reflects my real life, but working at a startup with a lot moving parts definitely helps draw some analogues.

There’s no single character I relate to directly, but I can see a bit of myself in all of them.

  • Logan: He deeply cares about his family, but he also deeply cares about his legacy and wealth. He can put on a kind face, but can also be ruthless. The balance between the two is hard to achieve, but the key is that it’s earnest and he’s just doing his best.
  • Shiv: She’s smart and wants more but is struggling to get there. She can turn on the charm, the control, the direction and knows what to do, but then questions herself and her future when things don’t go as planned. She loves her partner but can’t decide on the type of relationship (open, closed, etc) she wants which causes an endless struggle.
  • Roman: He’s likeable but weird. He’s freaky but fun. You oscillate between trusting him and not understanding whether you should.
  • Ken: He’s got big ambitions, an endless work ethic, an addictive personality and struggles with a never-ending loop of depression. He wants to be a present father, but fails. He does impressive work, but then disappoints those around him. He swings from being a mindless zombie to a premadona in a matter of seconds. Sometimes he wants to party hard, sometimes be in front of headline news, and other times just isolate himself from the entire world.
  • Greg: He’s kind but lost. He’s headed in the right direction but doesn’t want to upset those around him. Sometimes he knows he’s getting fucked, but just takes it and hopes for the best. He’s always smart enough to have a bakup plan and explore his options though.

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