Sense8: Season 1

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

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I’m intrigued. I like the sense of mystery and metaphysical connection being built between the different characters. I’m also a fan of having a large set of “primary” characters of diverse backgrounds because it gives the writers lots of options on how to develop the storyline and will keep things new fresh all the time. It’s definitely hard to ‘sense’ how good the actual show will be, but the pilot was top notch. I’ll give it 8/10 :p

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So far so good. I feel like there’s a lot more to each character rather than just their superficial job/location/background. All the characters are connected on a deeper emotional level, and properly developing those connections is what’s going to make or break this show. The mystery/fantasy aspect is very important as well because that’s what gives it the uniqueness that keeps drawing me back in. This show has a very “Lost”-like feel to it, but I hope they don’t disappoint the audience. I also loved the Bollywood piece.

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Another good episode but nothing to add.

Episodes 4, 5, 6 Link to heading

I decided to marathon a few episodes one after the other due to my curiosity of how the story will progress. I must say that I’m not disappointed a fair bit.

The mechanics of how the 8 are connected (sensing each other?) are original and refreshing. They can see each other, speak with one another, or otherwise go on meetings. Simultaneously, they can also share and harness each other skills and knowledge at times of need. They have trouble controlling and calling upon each other, but I expect that that’ll get resolved eventually. They can keep their individual mind states, but are able to share their emotions and feelings. They can both love each other and be one another. Their is no fine line between how these individuals are connected, and I’m not looking for one to be drawn.

The diversity of the characters selected is simply phenomenal. A wealthy Chinese woman, a poor bus driver from Kenya, a hacker transgender female from San Francisco, an American cop, a British druggie, a German thief, an (un)lucky Indian woman, and a gorgeous hispanic movie actor. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with more diverse crew if I had to. This keeps storyline ever-changing and extremely captivating. Not a minute goes by that I don’t experience some sort of emotion, be it happiness, sadness, excitement, intrigue, thrill or sympathy.

This also shows how the same ideas and themes we experience in life can be applicable in varying circumstances.

Really looking forward to seeing how the characters keep learning about each other, how the individual plot lines converge, and simply what other surprises the show beholds.

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The first half of the episode is all rainbows, butterflied and compromise. It’s all about love and the beauty in this world. You begin to think that things aren’t so bad afterall. However, the second half takes a turn for the literal worst. Deaths in every scene. Dark, morbid, gruesome cold blooded death reminding us to never let our guard down.

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Backstory. Finally beginning to understand what’s happening here.

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Sometimes you just need an episode of passion, sadness and sympathy to really reflect on life and connect with the characters. Like Lito’s and Hernando’s discussion, this episode was free, beautiful, art.

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Most of the episode was blend and a great continuation to the intriguing story, but the last scene was breath taking. In an epic crescendo, we see the first breath of all the sensates. Overtaken by both happiness and sadness, we observe life in it’s purest form. A very powerful and beautiful scene that I don’t have words for.

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Wow, what a finale.

I love the drama and action. How close and interactively they all worked together, sharing each other’s skills and thinking each other’s thoughts. It was the dream team. It was a little higher tempo than some of the previous episodes, so aside from Riley, there was very little character development going on. It was moreso developed characters fulfilling their roles.

I’m usually pretty content with show endings, even when they’re not stelar, but this one felt week given how fantastic the rest of the season was. There are many plotlines half finished, many questions unanswered, and a lot more that can be done with this concept.

I really hope a second season is in the works.

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