Narcos: Season 2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Glad the show is back. Picked up exactly where it left off making me feel like no time has passed at all since the last season ended.

Episode 2 Link to heading

Great story telling. Lots of character development, action and excitement. The cut scenes are done very intelligently and I love how balanced the show is overall. You can also never go wrong with orchestral bombing at the end of an episdoe.

Episode 3 Link to heading

I took an almost month long break between episodes 2 and 3, but really glad I’m bcak. I’m repeatedly impressed by how well balanced this show is: story line, thriller, action, character development, some twiest. The fact that this was mostly based on a true story is also amazing in a whole nother way. Solid episode.

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That was quite the ride! I love the angles in the shooting scenes. I love how every episode, and sometimes even every scene has a completely different mood. We jump from friendship and happiness to love and despair, to a blood-filled shooting scene. 5 stars!

It was a great ending that was true to real life (if you see the pictures) , and there might even be mroe!

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