Mr. Robot: Season 2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Really glad to see that the show has returned! The tone has really changed since the first season. Elliot has no trouble breaking the fourth wall anymore, and not only narrates, but has even developed a slight vendetta towards the audience for not warning him in the first season. He has also turned into a complete schizophrenic. While he is aware of his condition, he doesn’t seem open to external help or mediation. He believes that a regular and mundane schedule will help him stay in control and prevent him from harming anyone else. While is it very interesting to see him dealing with so much self-conflict, I hope this doesn’t last for more than a few episodes because it could get boring.

As the viewer, we consistently hear Ellito’s thoughts. However, if you separate out his thoughts and writing from the dialogue he has with other characters, it’s amazing to realize how little he actually says. There’s not too much to read into here, but it’s easy to forget how secluded his character really is.

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The only way I can put it is that the show is getting very heavy, and I love it!

Elliot is completely psycho. Mr. Robot is more evil than I had expected. Angela is showing her dark side. I don’t know what the deal is with Joanna Wellick, and I can’t wait to have Tyrell come back already.

I’m very impressed by the acting and the extremist characters being developed. The show is beginning to have a black mirror kind of feel, but delivered via a different medium.

The cinematography is also very interesting. The cut scenes are blunt and more evident than in other shows I’ve watched, but it accompanies the tone of the show very well. It shows that how abruptly things, such as life, could just end.

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Holy fuck this show is amazing.

A cold start that gives us an interesting, and very informative view of the past, that fits with the ending like cinderella’s slipper. Followed by a fun and hopeful intro song, that transitions into Ellito’s crazy and depressive view of life.

Elliot’s performance is brilliant. The new characters are extremely interesting. I’m still drooling over the cut scenes and how they manage to interleave reality and fiction, which is only window into the root of Ellitot’s frenzy.

Trying to describe what this show is doing is leaving me speechless in a way that I’ve been searching for for a while now.

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This episode made really made me realize something important: TV shows and movies get progressively better when one is int he right mood. While I can’t really compare my mood to Elliot’s, this show has really widened my perspective of life and made me reflect on what I care about, what I want, what important to me, whom I care about, who cares about me, and much much more….

Simultaneously, I’m amazed at how different and appropriate the music is with every episode. It varies so much, and it is the abrupt and very evident line that makes this show a pleasure and a surprise to watch. Similarly, the clash of tone between the different scenes is amazing as well. It jumps from Elliot in his mom’s safe home, to a chess game in the park, to a meeting with a psychiatrist, or Darlene on the subway. The lighting and mood is extremely diverse, and is one of the reasons why I am so excited and captivated by every minute of the show.

I also wanted to mention the cinematography again. In particular, I really like the distant horizontal landscape shot where Angela is standing and speaking to the boss of E corp. I’ve noticed this being used in better call saul on multiple occasions as well.

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Another amazing episode. This show still had not had one filler episode. Every single one is extremely thrilling, interesting and critical to the plot.

Episode 6 ?????

It?s episodes like this that show how versatile the show is and make me love it. The first 10 minutes of the episode were very fun, quirky, original, messed up and divergent from the show?s theme introduction. It show that the producers are not afraid of exploring new angles and challenging the viewer?s expectations, which is simply awesome.

I was very impressed by the use of silence and audio when Angela and Darlene were performing the hack. Having ver motivating and upbeat music as a background to an otherwise quite and unnerving atmosphere was a little weird, but abruptly cutting it when switching to Darlene took a direct stab at my anticipation and real made me feel for the character.

While all of these interesting cinematography elements are incorporated into the show, we still get to see the main story progress, have the main characters be challenged and developed, AND even get a flashback for an origin story.

This show is absolutely amazing!

Episode 7 ????-

Another fantastic episode.

One thing I keep being impressed by in this show is how they manage to stay exciting, thrilling, interesting and unique every single episode. The number of storylines is big enough that we get some diversity, yet still small enough where we never have an episode where nothing really happens (I?m looking at you Game of Thrones).

Angela?s character has plateued in terms of development, but now we?re seeing what she can as she?s becoming more comfortable in her new shell.

I?m kind of curious what?s going to happen Tyrell. I question the fact that he is dead, and Joanna?s plotline has been being set up for some big event this whole season. This is been a huge mystery over the past 7 episodes and I really have no clue what to expect.

Rami Malek is simply brilliant. Playing a schizophrenic, a hacker, a depress mental patient, a beat up hostage, and so much more. The dynamics between him and Mr. Robot are so real that I sometimes forget I?m watching a show and forget what?s real and what?s not. In other times, I don?t know what?s real because Elliot himself lies to me!??Long story short, there is some explaining to do!

Episode 8 ?????

To show how elaborate and intriguing all the other plots int he show are, we got a full episode without Elliot and I didn?t even feel like anything was missing! I loved the backstory to how another serial killer (villain?) was born.

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Forgot to review this one…

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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: this show does not seize to amaze me.

It incorporates so many different story-telling, filming and communication elements that everyone of my senses is stimulated in a different way every single time.

The intro scene: the short monolog about being the strongest man in the room is something I could somewhat relate to so it really hit home. Having that be followed by screaming music was extremely unsettling but understandable.

Elliot’s brilliance, confusion, and cluelessness is so truthful but scary at the same time that I don’t know whether I want to hug him, help him or stop him.

The back and forth when Elliot was tracking where the phone call came from and Darlene was talking about how she was abducted as a kid was executed perfectly.

Breaking the fourth wall and letting us look around Ellito’s room was something I had never scene before. I felt like I was in a game. He prompted me to help him and I did my best. I’m fairly certain that there was a visible clue in there that I probably missed.

Angela’s plot thickens and I have no clue what to expect of her.

I’m running out of words to use, as I wouldn’t change anything about the last scene that was shot from afar. I got enough information to not feel like I was forgotten, but the sense of mystery regarding who died is very intriguing.

Both the shooting scene and Angela in the subway ended on a cliff hanger, but not one that I would dispute. It was made to be though provoking rather than irritating. It was perfect.

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Not much to add here.

This episode was felt a little depressing when the FBI agent was lying in bed thinking about life. It got a little bit creepy when Angela was being questioned. And it was a little scary when Elliot was screaming in the cab towards the end.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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An amazing second season. There’s nothing I can say that I haven’t already said before because every single episode is top notch.

I’m really glad Tyrell is back because I like the character and would like to see what’s more to come from him. I also didn’t realize I watched the last episode of the season. While there were cliff hangers, I didn’t feel like it paused on a crescendo right before the ball was about to drop. The story has reached a series of milestones, and I have a lot to digest and think about until the show is back.

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