Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Season 3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Episode 18: Another episode where John Oliver just bashes Trump all day long. While there are no surprises and every he says is indeed true, I would have been interested to hear his opinion on Peter Thiel’s speech at the RPC. He was the only person with some sense, whom I also look up to, so John Oliver’s analysis of what happened there would have been really interesting to me.

Episode 19: This episode should be called: “A recap of the DNC and a reminder of why you shouldn’t vote for trump.” Similar to how one nail that stands out is painful to stand on but a thousand are not, there was too much good content to point out anything in particular. On a second note, I liked the short tanning bed segment. Also, here’s something that’ll blow your mind: You listen to a British person talking about American politics. That is all.

Episode 20: John Oliver is making me reconsider paying the news I consume and the social networks I use.

Episode 21: The trump bit was funny as always. The main story of the night, regarding car loans, I think had a side John didn’t really cover. While I do agree that crooked dealers taking advantage of people who need cars and don’t have money, but who are the people making the purchase? Did they not do the math? If they have horrible credit, can they think twice about getting a car? Could they relocate their home to live closer to their job or find a job that’s closer to home? The woman whose car was towed with the baby inside, I ask why was the baby left there on its own in the first place!? Both side of this story really iterates me due to the inefficiency, ignorance, and just the lack of ingenuity.

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