Black Mirror: Season 3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Episode 1: Not too far from reality. Just taking our facebook/instagram/twitter/tinder likes and ratings and lying completely putting it out there. While it is very close to home, the repercussions just showed that we build up some anger so it didn’t seem that bad. Now one of Black Mirror’s best episodes.

Episode 2: Holy fuck. This episode was very meta, very thrilling and very much out of this world. The main character and founder of the gaming company were very well selected, and I absolutely loved the buildup and backstory. The ending made my skin crawl, making me feel very disposable as a human being.

Episode 3: This episode kept me on edge the whole time and really reminded me of Taken, but with a very dark twist. It begs the question of why we do the things we do, but the ending made it so much worse…

Episode 4: I believe this was the first episode of Black Mirror that didn’t make me feel depressed. Finally, I look into the future from a positive standpoint. While it’s still a little creepy and would be extremely controversial in reality, I think this would be a great idea with some major tweaks.

Episode 5: An episode that makes you question whether happiness is more valuable than free will.I absolutely love the turn that everything took and the discussion it sparked regarding the decision I would make. This was a very heavy episode that provoked a lot of contemplation.

Episode 6: What a way to end the season! This was by far my favorite episode. I loved grit and conflict between the main characters even though they shared the same goal but approached it from completely different angles. The decline in bees’ population is a problem we may really have to deal with and the solution proposed is not too far fetched. The hack is very feasible, especially given that it was via a backdoor designed by an insider. Black mirror nailed all the parallels to the real world, filming the episode in a very realistic manner and really making you think of what could go wrong as technology advances.

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