Better Call Saul: Season 4

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One of the most underrated shows on TV. A lot of people talk about how good breaking bad was, but this show is very much on par, if not better.

Having three “completely distinct” stories prevents this show from ever get stale or repetitive. With that being said, they interconnect and link in a very natural that brings things together organically. Nothing ever feels forced.

One of my favorite qualities about the show is the tempo. It is very slow. The director always takes time to set the scene. The camera zooms in, or out, occasionally panning across an old empty building when necessary. SOmetimes the shots are taken from afar and sometimes they’re very up close. I don’t know enough about filmmaking to name the types of tropes being used, but it is absolutely amazing. Watching Jimmy just bounce a ball against a door for 2 minutes is not boring. Having the Salamancas play a starring contest for 2 minutes adds another dimension to the show. A+

In addition, the 90s feel of the, combined with the emptiness of New Mexico really sets the mood. I feel like I enter another world every time I start watching the show.

Lastly, the show somehow makes me build very strong emotional ties to each character. Jimmy, Chuck, Kim, Nacho and Mike all hold a place in my heart, and I truly feel for them when they encounter difficulties.

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