The Platform

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This film exceeded all of my expectations.

Though it is a gory thriller, it is packed with meaning and food for thought. It is only the plot and character development that make it stand out though.

It accurately depicts our society of how those at the top are greedy and are never satisfied with what they have, while those at the bottom resolve to dire measures in order to survive.

The protagonist’s cellmates provoke his character development throughout the film. First, they teach him to throw away his values, then how to survive; both in civilized and savage ways. Next, he is taught the communist ways of rationing and sharing. While this concept, like all communist ideas, are great in theory, they never work in practice. As the protagonist turns into a Messiah aiming to help everyone in the hole, the film gets a bit biblical.

The ending with the girl is a little vague… I understand the aim of having an innocent symbol that can lead to a better future, but given that this is an institution and not a society, it tried to be too symbolic.

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