Before Sunset

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’m so glad I only had to wait a couple months (until I got together with my friend) to watch this film rather than the 9 years real fans had to wait.

It was definitely different, but still managed to capture the real essence of perhaps not love, but true connection and passion. It was so basic, so simple, and even awkward at times. The whole film is just an hour and a half long conversation between two people and feels as though it was shot in one scene. It was very quick paced, but nothing was really happening. Rather than an audience member watching someone tell a story, I felt like a stranger eavesdropping on a conversation two other people are having.

The ending did leave a slight sense of unsatisfaction and felt like it was cut a bit short, but is making me think that Jesse is ready to just throw away his life back in America and move to Europe.

I’m really glad I won’t have to wait another 9 years to see the third film. :)

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